Kunststoff-Vakuum-Technik KVT GmbH

We are your reliable partner for plastic engineering with a focus on vacuum thermoforming and CNC machining.
Our customized solutions meet the demanding standards of this sector.
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Innovations Shaped in Plastic

The Kunststoff-Vakuum-Technik KVT GmbH, specialized in the development and manufacturing of plastic vacuum-formed parts, stands out for producing components at the highest level, providing tailored solutions, and ensuring punctuality. The precise implementation of customer requirements serves as the benchmark for all our efforts.

Our range of services is developed and implemented according to the latest technological standards. Additionally, we place significant emphasis on continuously optimizing our processes to meet not only current but also future demands of our customers.



We establish the foundation for a successful project during the planning phase by initiating the implementation with expert advice and support.


Our skilled professionals weld, bend, glue, rivet, press, test, stamp, etc. ensuring just-in-time assembly.


We aim for a reliable and trustworthy collaboration. Our support is complemented by an individually tailored after-sales service.

Kunststoff-Vakuum-Technik KVT GmbH

Deep Drawing

Deep drawing is a forming process widely used in various industries. Thermoforming, or warm forming, refers to the deep drawing of plastics. These thermoplastic materials become soft within a certain temperature range and can be molded into any desired shape. After the cooling phase, the plastic parts retain the newly created form. Plates are used as raw materials.

CNC Machining

CNC machining in plastics technology is a precise manufacturing process to produce plastic parts with high accuracy and repeatability. Using pre-programmed computer instructions, machine tools are controlled to execute precise cuts, drillings, and shapings in plastic workpieces. This automated process enables efficient production of complex, customized plastic parts for a variety of applications in different industries.